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Joy to the World! (GarageBand ’11)

I got GarageBand ’11 and recorded the Christmas song “Joy to the World” with it.  It’s a vast improvement over the previous version of iLife that I had and the amps, the timing correction (which I need desperately), and the UI changes are great!

Joy To the World

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A Couple Instrumental Tracks

I recorded a few instrumental tracks that I made for a documentary on my grandpa Peterman.  While they’re for the documentary, I thought I’d share them here: 1) Instrumental Jam.  This tune is one I’ve been playing to myself for years but never performed for anyone but family. 2) When I Survey.  This is a […]

Reggae, Ska and Jamaican Music History

If you’ve not already checked out the Pandora Podcast, please consider doing so, its excellent.  Rather than link straight to it I’m going to suggest you start here: the History of Reggae & Ska.  Wow.  This podcast continues to amaze me with the quality of the information.  Very, very worthwhile for musicians.

My Gear

Johnny wanted to know what gear I use, here’s a quick rundown:  A video of my gear

Behind the Music: Randy Goes Slowcore

I have submitted my cover song of Paul Simon’s Kodachrome to Coverville for the Coverville Idol 1973 competition. It got a lot of attention – but not in a good way. I wanted to take a moment to define my reasons for submitting the song and vision I had for it. The History I have […]

Welcome Coverville Listeners

It turns out I’ve made it into the Coverville Idol 1973 contest. Thanks for checking out this site! Hopefully I’ll be able to add more songs as time permits. Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you thought. You can check out for various great cover related podcasts. Spank!  Looks like […]

This is Your Last Ride!

A song about my first ride with my friend Javier in a Camero. He’s a bit nuts 🙂 Download the MP3.

Happy Remote Day!

I work remotely as a contractor.  This song was quickly whipped out (thus the out of tune guitar) as a challenge from my boss, Jerry.  Happy Remote Day!

What Can You Say?

My friend Steve works during the Summers on his family’s cherry farm.  Steve’s got a great sense of humor and is quite down to earth.  This was a happy birthday song for him.

If I Had a Truck Like Jon Carney’s

Jon Carney has a large truck with big tires, a big lift and it certainly demands attention on the road.  Here’s a song about it.